• How to build confidence to improve in business.

how to build trust

When starting any business, your clients, partners and work team; They are fundamental elements that you must take care of to build the entire structure that will support your business idea. So the relationship you have with them must be the best possible, for this it is essential that it be based on the same element: TRUST. Then you will ask yourself: how to build trust.

Relationships in which trust exists allow agreements to be reached quickly. In addition, it allows you to delegate without worries and therefore make the growth of your project more efficient.

We all want the best for our plans but sometimes we overlook certain details; that undermine trust in our relationships and as a result undermine ourselves.

How to build confidence to improve in business.

how to build trust

In their study, Edward C Tomlinson and Roy J Lewicki, collaborators at Ohio University, recommend the following:

1. Follow through on what you say.

Consistent behaviors build trust (or can destroy it). If we always fulfill our commitments, other people will already know what to expect from us.

It seems very obvious, but it is important to emphasize that if you want to learn how to build trust, you must understand that the more predictable and consistent our behavior is, the more likely that clients, partners, and the work team; know that you can trust us.

2. Communicate transparently and accurately.

To the extent that we are honest about the reasons for our behavior; it is easier for the other parties to measure the reasons for our actions and monitor them.

When other people have some control and can see that everything is done transparently; trust is built.

3. Act like a professional.

It seems very obvious but it is worth naming it. If we do not carry out our work in the most professional way possible; we are telling others that we are not the ones to place their trust in us.

4. Show interest in others.

When we disappoint someone and lose their trust, it is very possible that the cause is that we put our interests above theirs. So it is advisable to sacrifice our own interests when looking to build trust; as long as the interests of others are protected and respected.

On this point, the co-author of the book The Relationship Edge: The Key to Strategic Influence and Selling Success, Jerry Acuff, agrees that curiosity about others is a crucial element in building relationships, since it gives us the opportunity to learn new things about them and make new connections.

Additionally, Jerry recommends the following:

5. Be a person of integrity.

Decision-making for our projects must be governed by a series of well-established values.

If others see that we are consistent with our actions, they will know that we have our say and that we do not “dodge our ethics” because suddenly the situation warrants it.

and finally the most important:

6. Be yourself.

Nobody likes to feel cheated. When we perceive that the people who speak to us do not sound or act like themselves; we are unlikely to believe what we are told. That is why it is important to act honestly if we want to build and maintain trust in relationships with our clients, partners and work team.

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