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  • Through a certified methodology to turn your idea in a business model in so only 7 days.
  • With an innovative way of creating products or services with customers willing to pay for them.
  • No need to lose so much weather Y money in creating them.
  • What increases your chance of success.



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As if that were not enough, when you buy my book you will receive something very personal as a gift; It is a book that contains my private library of several books that I have used for my venture, which have helped me a lot in my projects.

These Books will also be a source of inspiration for you and I want you to have them.


Workbook with full-color models and templates to help you turn your idea into a business model.

How to attract clients

Model : The Funnel

The term funnel is widely applied to internet businesses, however I use it for any type of business.

This model has 3 stages that serve to describe how you are going to GET customers, how are you going to KEEP THEM and then how DO grow your income.

Business Models

Model: Key Partners

This model will help you identify those people or companies (suppliers) that will supply you with those key resources for the operation of your business.

Knowing this block of the business model is extremely important because it will help you grow your business idea faster.


Model : Create your PMV

The term PMV (Minimum Viable Product) It refers to the creation of a prototype based on your business idea.

The PMV will allow you to make a previous version of your idea and test how it works with Potential customers as fast as possible.

Also the book of worked comes with more templates.


The Next Regalo is an interview template that will help you validate your business model with your clients.


Since you have created your business model from an idea, the next step is to carry out an interview to be able to validate the hypotheses of it.

This template will help you validate the customer profile to find out if it is the right one for your business idea.

If you order now you can buy my book and 3 gift vouchers for only…


There is a big difference between having a good idea or a great product, and having a good business. In “Your Business Model in 7 Days” you will find the keys and tools to put your ideas into action and build sustainable, repeatable and scalable business models. A practical and essential book for innovative entrepreneurs looking to launch their business project.

javier diaz Creator of the Online Entrepreneurship Community Business and Entrepreneurship

I was fortunate to discover Alex Cormani’s blog browsing the internet and from the first post I read I was hooked. The fresh and concise way of describing the situation that we entrepreneurs are going through makes us feel as if we were reading our own diary… But with the answers to the problems that we face every day; As in this book that takes us by the hand through a guide to go from idea to execution through different approaches.

robert rogel CEO of Learny

This guide by Alex Cormani is essential for all those entrepreneurs who seek to illuminate their project by providing it with a consistent business model. His lessons will help you focus your business in a simple way, since Alex accompanies the theoretical explanations with practical examples. A must for anyone who wants to undertake.

Esmeralda Diaz-Aroca co-founder of BlogsterApp


  • Generate a business model of your idea in a visual and intuitive way.
  • Know the difference between a business plan and a business model.
  • Generate new business ideas.
  • Create products or services without much money or time.
  • An innovative methodology to undertake.
  • Stop feeling frustrated and afraid and start undertaking



This book is very different from any other because it is the result of my own experience after 15 years as an entrepreneur.

In addition, the methodology contained in this book is registered before in my name before the Public Registry of Copyright in Mexico.

All this is with the aim of letting you know that the information presented in the book is of high value.


This book currently serves as reference material for the Master’s Degree in Creation and Management of Innovative Companies at the University of Valencia in Spain.

Throughout this book I will help you eliminate those doubts and guide you intuitively to turn your business idea into a business model in just one week. If you read it correctly, in just 7 days.

This book was specially written for all levels, prior business knowledge is not required, much less possessing an academic degree.

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult (tell me), the beginning will seem slow and you will feel that you are not moving forward; Let me tell you that the success of the venture is like all In life, everything is achieved with time, persistence and a lot of preparation. This book is a step-by-step guide that will give you the tools you need to start ACTING.

If you order now you can buy my book and 3 gift vouchers for only… 


Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the creation, development and administration of traditional and technology-based businesses (Startups and SMEs).

Creator of a blog on business models and entrepreneurship that bears my name ( Author of entrepreneurship books and guest writer for various entrepreneurship communities on the Internet.

digital entrepreneur

alex cormani


Taking quick action on this opportunity is essential.

So do not postpone your success, or be on the verge of bankruptcy to acquire this valuable resource to start a business.

Besides, I’m going to take all the risk. If you do not get the expected results; You can request your money back with my total risk-free guarantee.


I am sure that this book will be very useful to you and that is why once purchased YOU CAN TRY ALL MY MATERIAL FOR THE NEXT 15 DAYS.

Take the time to apply my teachings and follow each of the steps outlined in the book. If you are not satisfied with the valuable information contained in this book that I have shared with you or you consider that my research has not helped you in the least, just send me an email at explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction and I will return all your money. money.

Without strange conditions, without meaningless processes or procedures.

Listen friend, you have a very simple decision to make in front of you now. You can ignore this opportunity and continue FRUSTRATED, TIRED, ANNOYED…or… you can order my book and…TURN YOUR IDEA INTO A BUSINESS MODEL.

If you order now you can buy my book and 3 gift vouchers for only…

PS: You can get instant access 24/7/365, even if it’s 2am.

PS: When ordering the book Your business model in 7 days you will receive an electronic copy of the book and its respective gift vouchers in PDF format that you can read on your Smartphone or PC. No physical copies of the book are sent.

PS: Your business model in 7 days is the result of 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. All of the strategies and techniques contained in this book have been tested and are effective in generating your business model.

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